AMIGOS gives you an exciting chance to have an adventure and explore the world outside of a classroom. You will live in a new country and work on sustainable community service projects while living with a host family. These experiences prepare you for your future, improve your Spanish, and build your confidence. You develop leadership skills that will set you apart in college and throughout your career. With AMIGOS, you will learn about the world by living in it. Click here to explore our Programs.
How to apply:

AMIGOS has suspended our in-person programs for Summer 2020. However, we have developed an exciting new virtual program: The Community Impact Project! Through this 6-week initiative, you will connect across cultures, design positive service projects, and support your community during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on the Community Impact Project and how to register, visit our website.


The AMIGOS Wisconsin Chapter is part of a 25 Chapter Network that recruits, trains, and supports AMIGOS volunteers and families in their local community. The AMIGOS Wisconsin recruits, trains, and supports AMIGOS volunteers and their families from the Wisconsin Area. Our chapter accepts volunteers September through April before the summer experience. During the months of March through May, Wisconsin Chapter volunteers will take part in local events and fundraising as they prepare for their AMIGOS experience.


AMIGOS was pivotal in my growth as a leader and as a catalyst for social change. The summer program put me in a position I had never been in before, one of professionalism and interaction in a land of responsibility. As a young person, I had never known the extent to my own capabilities; however, AMIGOS taught me to be confident, to interact, to engage, and to immerse myself as I never had before. With these actions I learned that no matter my age, I am capable of anything I set my mind to.  – Josie R.

AMIGOS has become my toolbox, whenever I need a little extra confidence, a little leadership, a little more ability to connect with and communicate with the people around me, I can reach into that toolbox and pull out those lessons I learned from my summer in Paraguay. Because AMIGOS gave me the opportunity to be in leadership roles and be outside my comfort zone at a young age, I know that as I continue growing through life that I am capable of anything. AMIGOS instilled confidence in myself and confidence in our global community. Every single day I am grateful for my incredible, challenging, exciting, and enriching AMIGOS experience.  – Christy B.

Since my first summer with Amigos as a volunteer in Nicaragua in 2008, Amigos has greatly influenced the trajectory of my life.  From my college major of Latin American Studies to my current job of working with immigrant youth, my experience with Amigos has informed many personal and professional decisions I’ve made.  My experiences returning as Project Staff and as Training Director have given me invaluable leadership skills, work experience, responsibility, and of course, fun and adventure!  – Erin J. 

Wisconsin Volunteers Attend:

Appleton North • James Madison Memorial • Laffollete • Madison Country Day School • Madison East • Madison West • Middleton • Verona


The Wisconsin Chapter volunteers will pay the fees outlined.  All AMIGOS program fees include dedicated travel support, comprehensive training, all food and housing, in-country travel and excursions, and access to our 24-hour On-Call Safety Management System. As a nonprofit organization, your fees also support community development projects and leadership training for local youth in communities across Latin America.


Most of our students participate in some type of fundraising for their Program Fee.  What you put into it, you will get out of it! We see it as practice for how to talk about what you are about to experience this summer. Our team will provide you with a Fundraising Toolkit, a step by step fundraising webinar outlining our best tips and tricks and 1:1 mentorship to students who are interested in deepening their fundraising efforts. All donations received by July 31st, 2020 will go toward your Program Fee, and refunds are available for volunteers who over fundraise. Volunteers receive considerable support with fundraising, and the experience gained in this effort will build important skills.
AMIGOS offers flexible payment plans. If you are unable to pay the program fee all at once, that’s okay! We make sure our volunteers can pay for their experience on their own schedule, as long as the full payment is received by the final payment date and before travel. All local chapters have a scheduled payment plan for families that will be communicated at the interview or welcome meeting.

All alumni interested in volunteering again with AMIGOS qualify to apply for the Alumni Award. More info here.


Family Fee: $5,750 (Payment plans available)
Application Fee: $50 (Non-refundable and not included in the Family Fee)
*average fundraising ~ $2,000


  • Round-trip domestic and international airfare
  • Training materials and workshops
  • Secondary short-term international medical insurance
  • Program excursions
  • Food, lodging, and transportation in Latin America
  • Supplies for community project and extracurricular activities
  • 24-hour On Call Emergency Management System
  • Travel hotline and support

Click here for more information about our Fees & Funding.


  • Fees can be paid online or by mail. Payment plans are available.


AMIGOS actively recruits and supports inclusion of participants from diverse backgrounds. AMIGOS provides needs-based financial assistance with distribution determined by family income, number of dependents and special financial circumstances. We provide financial assistance to qualified applicants as deductions on the family fee. Financial assistance applications are received on a rolling basis or until funds are given away. Please contact for additional information.


Before You Go
Student Preparation 
As a volunteer through the Wisconsin Chapter, the majority of your training happens either at the 4-day Houston Gateway training or in-country. Please refer to the Training calendar to see which training you are assigned based on your program. During this training, the group will stay together at a hotel supervised by AMIGOS staff.  You’ll get to practice your Spanish, begin to develop your leadership skills, and make new friends from all over the U.S.!  You know you want to Zumba with us.


  • Unparalleled leadership development
  • Cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Hands-on training for technical aspects of the program
  • Extensive health and safety training
  • Opportunities to practice Spanish
  • Creating a community of young people with shared values

Locally, we also have a number of AMIGOS Family events and opportunities to connect including our Despedida! When you return back from your program, we host an welcome back party and every AMIGOS Volunteer has an opportunity to stay involved in local roles to build your leadership, storytelling and presentation skills!

Sunday March 8th: AMIGOS Family Night
Sunday April 26th; AMIGOS Family Night
Sunday May 17th: Chapter Despedida Party!
August: Welcome Home and Re-Ingresso

Parent Preparation

We know that parents put a lot of trust into us. We want you to feel prepared! All parents will have immediate access to our AMIGOS 101 webinar. Starting in February, we will hold monthly Parent Preparation webinars to give parents a chance to learn about AMIGOS, summer preparation, and what to expect while your child is in Latin America. These will be recorded in case you can’t make the posted time. Students are also welcome to attend, but the majority of their training will happen in person. 
Parents will also receive a Parent Preparation Guide in the mail and have opportunities to talk with other local parents at the local AMIGOS Wisconsin Family Nights!


 Our Board of Directors is a hardworking and committed group that is passionate about providing young people with positive intercultural and immersion experiences in Latin America. We are always looking for new board members who align with our mission and values. If you are interested in joining our board, please email our President, Becky Gray, to learn about how you can get involved.


Becky Gray
Robin Craig
Anida Ho
Tricia Blanco
Parent & Training Coordinator
Dena Korsgard
IO Board Representative
Jay Ford
At Large



Michael Cook
Program Associate